Grief Camp for Kids Coming to Montreal

  • March 02, 2017
  • Source Montreal Families Magazine
  • Author Briana Tomkinson
  • Type News

When Ethan Jabbour was just 6 years old, his dad Raphael died suddenly of a heart attack. “He went to work one day, and we didn’t see him again,” said Ethan’s mom Tiffany Minorgan.

Minorgan took Ethan to grief counselling and encouraged him to share his feelings about losing his father, but she could see that sometimes he felt alone, especially on occasions like Father’s Day, when he felt like the only one at school without someone to make a card for. 

So when she heard about a weekend grief camp near Ottawa specifically for children who have lost someone important to them, Minorgan knew she wanted Ethan to attend. “I just wanted him to be around other kids who get it,” she said.

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