Kids Find Help at Malibu’s Camp Erin

  • June 28, 2018
  • Source The Malibu Times
  • Author Judy Abel
  • Type News

Now in its 10th year, a Malibu camp—Camp Erin—is helping children and teenagers navigate the journey to hope and healing following the death of a close loved one.

The camp, which is free and hosts kids from ages six to 17, is located on the grounds of Camp Bloomfield, high in the hills of Malibu. Twice each summer, groups of about 75 kids come for a weekend to unwind from the stresses of school and home and learn coping skills from trained counselors. 

The tragedy of the death of a parent can be so overwhelming to a child that sometimes the child cannot or does not know how to cope. At such a young age, a child may not know how to grieve losing a parent. At school, there may not be any other peers going through the same experience. At home, the remaining parent or siblings, if any, may be too filled with grief themselves to be able to guide a child through the emotionally tough process... (continue reading)


Visit our Camp Erin page to learn more or for additional resources and support regarding childhood grief, visit Eluna Resource Center.