Max’s Story - Camp Mariposa Alumnus

  • December 14, 2016
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As a young kid... you can’t take that all on by yourself. You really need a lot of support.

I don't know when my mom started doing drugs.  We were already living with my grandparents when she and my dad broke up. Then she met my step-dad and he was already using. Soon after, my biological dad died.

I had lots of anger, but Camp Mariposa helped change things for me.  I started attending when I was 10 years old and learned many valuable lessons - how to deal with my anger in a healthy way, that I am not alone and that addiction is not my fault.

Now, I’m 15 and I serve as a junior counselor so that I can help other kids. I got second place at regionals in gymnastics and I was first in state 3 years in a row. I would like to go to the Olympics someday.  


Youth living with an addicted family member are FOUR TIMES more likely to develop their own addiction.  This holiday season, as we celebrate the accomplishments of camper alumni like Max, please take a moment to listen to our children's letters to addiction.  We need your help to break the inter-generational cycle of addiction.  

Your gift today can be the difference in a child's tomorrow.  

Yes, I Will Support Kids Like Max Today!

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