Scooter Club Headed Down ‘Highway to Heal’

  • March 15, 2016
  • Source KOMO ABC 4 News - Seattle, WA
  • Author Brian Calvert
  • Type News

Photo: KOMO News

Scooter Club Headed Down 'Highway to Heal'

By Brian Calvert, KOMO News of Seattle, Washington

SEATTLE -- Boots. Jackets. Helmets. You don't want to mess with this gang, or the thunder from their engines.

Meet the Soldiers of Destiny, one of Seattle's Scooter clubs.

"There are lots of scooter clubs in Seattle and I didn't know that until I started one," says Justin Barnes. "We actually sell a t-shirt that says 'why don't you just get a real motorcycle?'"

Barnes laughs as he tells me that's the first question he and his fellow riders are asked where ever they go.

But seriously, why a scooter?

"It's a little bit easier to keep yourself safe," Barnes explains. "You're not shifting every three seconds like you are on a motorcycle in the city."

Club member Joe Hamill adds that he always wanted to get on a real motorcycle, but says he was too chicken.

Barnes and Hamill teach me a new scooter term: riding 'cupcake'. It's what they call it when a passenger rides on the back.

They may not ride real motorcycles, but what these guys lack in size, they make up in heart.

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