10 Things you need to know for Safe Opioid Disposal


Safe disposal is an important part of adressing the opioid epidemic.  Allied Against Opioid Abuse has created a list the ten things you need to know to safely discpose of prescription opioids and other medications.  

1. Dispose of unused opioid medications as soon as possible.  Safe disposal is an important part of addressing the opioid abuse epidemic. 

2. Do not share your medication, even if you know someone who is experiencing symptoms similar to yours or has been prescribed the same product in the past.

3. Before disposing of medications, scratch out personal information on the label to protect your privacy.

4. Look at the label or package insert for specific disposal instructions or information.

5. Take advantage of programs that take unused medicines for proper disposal. Visit Allied Against Opioid Abuse's disposal page to find the nearest disposal location.

6. Ask your pharmacist if they offer disposal options. Many community pharmacies have designated drop off areas for unused medication.

7. Many opioids are on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s list of medicines recommended for disposal by flushing, meaning you can flush the unused prescription down the toilet. Existing data suggest these medicines pose low environmental risk if flushed.

8. You also can ask your healthcare professional’s office or pharmacist if they provide medication disposal bags (these bags neutralize medicines to avoid damage to the environment).

9. Alternately, you can combine your medication with dirt, kitty litter or used coffee grounds and discard in the trash.

10. Give your medicines a check-up. Go through all of your medicines every six months and dispose of those that are past their expiration date or are left over from a previous illness or condition.

More information from Allied Against Opioid Abuse: Learn, Store, Dispose



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