Activity: Create Your Own Mindful Moment Cards

Author Eluna

Create Your Own Mindful Moment Cards

At Camp Mariposa, some campers participate in mindfulness activities. Mindfulness can help us when we are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious. What we think affects how we feel and what we do. We can learn to direct our thoughts in positive directions. Making your own mindful moment cards is an activity that you can do at home! You can use these cards to pause, reflect, be grateful, and be mindful no matter where you are.

What you'll need:

  • Paper
  • Crayons
  • Scissors


  • Fold a piece of paper in half along the short edge (hamburger style). Open up the piece of paper and then fold it in half along the long edge (hot dog style)
  • Using scissors, cut on the creased lines to create four cards from your piece of paper
  • Think about different places in nature.  On one card write: "Imagine yourself sitting by the...".  Finish the sentence with a place of nature on each card.  For example "imagine yourself sitting by a stream" 
  • On the other side of your card, draw a picture of the place of nature that you chose to write on the front. 
  • Now repeat this as you create the four cards (drawing on the back and writing on the front)
  • Create a card for other places of nature that you can think of (mountains, bodies of water, trees, different weather, etc.) Be as creative and as descriptive as you can!
  • Find a quiet space where you can sit or lay down.  Use your cards and imagination to visualize yourself in the place of nature described on your card.  Take some time to reflect and be still. 



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