Love, Loss, and Everything In Between: 10 YA Novels about Grief


We love this great list of FICTION for any teen or young adult for exploring grief and hopefully sparking conversation.  These might be books that you read together or you could  buy two - one for your teen and a friend to read together. You can purchase the books through the link at the bottom. Click on the highlighted titles to purchase. 

1. Instructions for a Secondhand Heart  by Tamsyn Murray

Johnny, the recipient of a donated heart, reaches out to the deceased donor's twin sister, Neve. As they both struggle with their personal grief and guilt, they forge a friendship and learn how to mend from their difficulties together.

2. How to Save a Life by Sara Zarr

Two girls, Jill and Mandy, struggle with their changing families. After Jill's father passes away, her mom chooses to adopt a baby. Jill questions her mother, sinking into isolation. Mandy, the child of an unwanted pregnancy, gets a chance to raise a baby differently when she becomes unexpectedly pregnant.

3. 37 Things I love (in no particular order) by Kekla Magoon

Ellis has been waiting for a change as her father's coma has continued. When her mother suddenly announces the choice to end his life support, Ellis is devastated. While her closest friend doesn't pick up on her grief, she turns to another source to work through her feelings.

4. Lies My Girlfriend Told Me by Julia Anne Peter

After Alix's girlfriend, Swanee, dies, she finds out that she was cheating on her with someone else. The mysterious girl, Liana, doesn't know that Swanee is dead. So, Alix breaks the news of her death and they form a bond. But she isn't sure if she can divulge Swanee's infidelity.

5. Torn Away by Jennifer Brown

Due to a tornado demolishing her town, Jersey is forlorn. Along with the town, her mother and sister perished, forcing her to go to live with estranged relatives. Grappling with all she's lost, Jersey attempts to settle into an unfamiliar place.

6. History is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera

Although Griffin has thought Theo, his former flame, would come back to him, Theo's death closes off this possibility forever. Through Griffin's sorrow, he seeks solace in a new love with Jackson. But his history is the key to moving forward.

7. The Loose Ends List by Carrie Firestone

As Maddie readies herself for college, she learns of her grandmother's terminal cancer. Gram is taking charge of her final days by taking the family on a farewell cruise. Despite the extravagance, Maddie can't seem to come to grips with losing such a significant person in her life.

8. DJ Rising by Love Maia

Aspiring DJ, Marley, struggles to manage his mother's heroin addiction and his scholarship status at a prep school. With an ideal opportunity, Marley is ready to take on his music career. When tragedy strikes, he must decide how to proceed.

9. Wildlife by Fiona Wood

With a semester-long outdoor school program, Sib and Lou end up as roommates. Lou presents herself as a loner, content to deal with her grief in secret. Soon Sib's tumultuous friendship with Holly causes Lou to get involved.

10. The Boy in the Black Suit by Jason Reynolds

In his life, Matt has dealt with the death of his mother and death at his position in a funeral home. Lovey's had even more misery, and as Matt gets to know her, he continues to encounter challenges and hardship.



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