Brighter Days Grief Center


Brighter Days Grief Center is a newly established Nonprofit organization in Minnesota, serving individuals anticipating or enduring the death of a beloved family member. Although it is a Grief Center providing necessary resources, it is so much more than that at the core. Brighter Days Grief Center is a community of families turned into volunteers, staff, and board that are bound together by their own experiences.

These experiences, although personally painful, have inspired them to support and guide grieving families in ways that were not available to them. The programs are designed to address the psychosocial, financial, and physical layers of grief.  Realizing each family member grieves differently, and therefore has different needs, their goal is to provide individualized resources for each of them. 

Overall, Brighter Days Grief Center hopes to lessen the devastating impact that grief can have on a family. By providing a compassionate space for people to gather, with access to crucial programs and services, they will work hard to help families move forward together rather than apart. 



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