Children of Alchoholics: A Kit for Educators


Children trust their teachers to educate and inspire, and they often trust teachers with their fears and worries about problems at home. Many children, however, exert great effort to hide the fact that they are struggling with substance use or mental disorders at home. For some, a teacher will be the one who notices that a child’s academic performance has changed and perhaps seems preoccupied. The resources on this page were selected to put tools and information into your hands so that:

  1. You are better prepared to notice when a child may need help and
  2. You will know what to do when a child comes to you for help.

A child's ability to learn and develop may depend upon a teacher's knowledge and understanding.

This kit includes importact facts about risk factors for children of alcoholics as well as fact sheets for children.  The kit also includes a section with questions you might be asked followed by appriopriate answers to those questions.  This kit is an important tool for any eductator that comes accross a child with an alchoholic parent.

*The National Organization for Children of Alcoholics also has helpful kits for Parents and one Just for Kids.



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