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Art Therapy Coyote Central

Coyote Central challenges young adolescents of every race and economic background to build skills, independent thinking, and self-awareness through hands-on projects with professionals in creative fields. CCoyote Central offers four after school art and activity programs to youth in the Seattle area. 

STUDIO COYOTE with hands-on, project-based courses with professionals in creative fields for youth aged 10-15 from diverse cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds. 

HIT THE STREETS for at-risk youth from Central and South Seattle work with professional artists to design, build, and install permanent public art in their community.

CITYWORKS for youth ages 11-18 who have shown their talents in Studio Coyote or Hit the Streets return to work with professional artists doing public art commissioned by local businesses and organizations.

COYOTEWORKS geared toward immigrant and refugee youth ages 12-18 learn cooking, woodworking, welding, or sewing skills and then apply those skills to projects serving the community



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