Families of Color

Created in Partnership with Families of Color - Seattle

FOCS is helping parents and children to have a strong sense of community, advocacy and pride to counter the prevailing biases through using a race and social justice lens and providing a counter-narrative in our parenting classes and social media.

MISSION: Build a strong community by supporting families of color through parenting programs, resource sharing and fostering meaningful connections.

The FOCS vision is to provide a cultural cornerstone and a creative blend of family programming, child-centered play and an intergenerational space for families to gather. To achieve our vision, we are launching Cornerstone Café, which will provide entrepreneurial avenues for parents to integrate conscious parenting to perpetuate a global culture of inclusivity, community building and play-centered learning. Our values are global community, inclusivity, entrepreneurship, and  women of color & mother leadership.

Eluna is partnering with FOCS to bring diversity and cultural awareness to our Camp Directors so that all children feel comfortable at our camps.  



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