Partnership for Drug Free Kids - HELPLINE


Partnership for Drug Free Kids has trained and caring master’s-level counselors ready to help any parent struggling with a child’s drug or alcohol use. They are there to listen, help you find answers and make an action plan. Call the Helpline, connect via live chat or email them to get help. All communications are free and confidential. Call 1-855-378-4373

In addition to phone, email and chat options, they have launched a parent coaching feature which pairs individuals with coaches who are versed in the techniques of Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT), an evidence-based approach shown to set the stage for positive outcomes. Parent coaches are there to listen, offer ideas and reaffirm that you aren’t alone in this struggle.

If you are looking for treatment navigation tools, The Partnership for Drug Free Kids has put together an important list of things to consider, where to look and how to find the best treatment for your child and family.  



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