The Center for Complicated Grief


The work of The Center for Complicated Grief is defined by clinical research aimed at helping people with complicated grief reclaim their lives. 

Their mission is to improve the lives of CG sufferers through fostering continued innovative research and through public outreach that includes raising awareness of CG, reducing stigma and other misconceptions, and training professionals.

They use the term “complicated” to mean that something is getting in the way of coping with the death of a loved one. When grief is complicated the pain can be unrelenting and life seems empty of any possibility for happiness. They want to help lessen the pain. They want to make it possible to honor grief as a form of love.

Their website provides a deeper understanding of complicated grief and defines it as prolongued acute grief.  They also provide insight on how to find the right therapist or group for your complicated grief.  If this sounds like your experience with greif, visit their site to learn more. 



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