Timbi Talks about Addiction

Author Trish Healy Luna and Janet Healy Hellier

This book is designed to help very young children who have a parent struggling with addiction.

The book offers ways to help validate children's varied emotions by describing, naming and validating them while teaching them to recognize the body’s responses to difficult feelings and stress. Timbi offers practical solutions for coping with the challenges inherent in their lives.

Children can learn to achieve a much-needed sense of control in their lives through movement, voice and mindful breathing exercises, and by seeking help from important, stable adults in their lives. 

"What a joy to read this superb book for children impacted by parental alcohol or drug use.  It is a welcome addition to the select few remarkable classic books that speak directly to the children, and its relevance will remain timeless for generations.  Teachers, counselors, clergy and pediatricians could be more effective if this little book is sitting on a table in their offices."             -Sis Wenger, President of NACOA

You can learn more about the book here or purchase it from the link below. 



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This holiday season, you can support children and families impacted by grief or addiction.

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