Set to go - Emotional Health for College Students


Set to Go is a program from The Jed Foundation (JED) to help high school students prepare for the transition to college and to life after high school. Research with first-year college students shows most wish they were better prepared – emotionally – for the transition from high school to college.  This preparation should begin in high school and Set to Go was created to help.

Emotional preparedness for life after high school involves five key areas of knowledge and skill development. Set to Go provides a wealth of information about each:

  • Putting college in perspective
  • Basic life skills
  • Social and emotional skills
  • Mental health and substance abuse literacy
  • The transition to college life

Preparing for college is more than just academics and testing. Being emotionally ready creates the greatest opportunity for success. Set to go has tools for Parents, Students and Educators to help build the skills that will help students thrive as they get ready to leave high school. You'll find information, tools and guidance to help you feel Set to Go - whether they go to college or straight to a career.



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