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The Stories Between is an online tribute website that focuses on the life, not the death, of our loved ones. It is a positive and proactive site that celebrates and archives all the stories and memories that make up a person's life. It only takes minutes to create a page with Banner photos and a Bio then the page can be sent directly to other family and friends via email or social media inviting them to also share their stories.

As we all know, writing is a very therapeutic activity and when you can write so that it is preserved and archived forever that is even better. And then by gathering stories from friends and family who knew your loved one in much different ways than you did allows for learning even more about who they were and the impact they had on the world and others who knew them.

The design of the The Stories Between is very uplifting with no focus on the passing, it's all about celebrating the life.  Some funeral sites erase their tributes after one year. The Stories Between preserves these memories forever with no fee to anyone, ever.

And wonderful stories and memories that are shared at a funeral or Celebration of Life can be captured on a Stories Between page so that family and friends can refer back to them when they are better able to focus as well as for years to come. Memories and details fade so it's important to capture them all while they are fresh. The Stories Between page will be there for future generations to access it and learn about who their ancestors really were beyond just an occupation and family tree info.



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