Truth Be Told, Tell the Truth: Talking to Children About Suicide and Violent Deaths

Author Lynn Snyder, MPS and Melissa Lunardini, MA, MFTI

How do you tell your child that someone they love died violently?   Real families share their experience with tragic death including suicide, homocide and first responder deaths. 

Talking with children about death can generally be an uncomfortable subject for parents and /or caring adults of the bereaved child. Talking with them about suicide and violent deaths can illicit more feelings of apprehension. But how much is too much information? How do we inform children about these types of deaths and what do we tell them? There is much information written about being honest with children however, there seems to be very little empirical evidence to back this up. This video aims to further support the idea of around the importance of truth telling when a when a loved one dies from a violent death.

Melissa and Lynn have also created a tip card for helping famlies and support professionals talk with children of difference developmental ages.  Find that Tip Card Here.



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