Turning Points for Children


Turning Points for Children envisions a thriving community for all.

Turning Points for Children brings social and health services to vulnerable people. Their work is built on the foundations of wellness, safety, diversity and collaboration. Turning Points for Children believes in the power of resilience and possibility.  

For more than 175 years, they have served youth and families in Philadelphia. In the earliest years, services were primarily related to placement (foster care, group homes, residential treatment and adoption). With the beginning of family support services in the early 1970’s, the legacy agencies to Turning Points for Children began to provide in-home and community-based services. Chronic poverty is at the root of many of the issues our families face, so our prevention programs are designed to look especially at difficult family relationships, child abuse and neglect, teen pregnancy, high dropout rates, unemployment and inadequate health care. 

Turning Points for Children reduces child abuse and improves the lives of children across Philadelphia. They've been in this business for over 175 years. Their longevity is a credit to many mergers of child welfare agencies in Philadelphia, most recently the 2008 merger of Children's Aid Society of Pennsylvania with Philadelphia Society for Services to Children, and their affiliation with Public Health Management Corp (PHMC) in 2013.

Turning Points is the leading social service agency in Philadelphia supporting the needs of more than 9,000 men, women and children throughout the city. They offer programs that help families in raising safe, healthy, educated, and strong children by partnering with caregivers to develop and strengthen protective qualities and by offering them the tools, skills, and resources needed to ensure their children's optimal development.

Turning Points does this through affiliates and programs: Families and Schools Together (FAST), an afterschool program in schools throughout Philadelphia; Family Finding, which connects kids aging out of the foster care system with families they had lost; Parenting Support Service, which serves teen moms and dads and adult parents; and the Food and Wellness Network (FAWN), a community-based food pantry offering food, infant formula, diapers and nutrition education resources. They recently added Foster Care to our programs and The Bridge is an affiliate that provides residential programming for teens. 

Turning points is our Mariposa Community Program Partner in Philadelphia.



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