Activity Love is…

Activity: Love is…

This is a great activity for families and friends who deal with abuse in their lives, whether directly influenced by drug abuse in their household. This activity can also be ran with any group as it doesn’t force the people who don’t like to talk about what is happening in their house to come forward. This is a lesson everyone should have as a reminder. This activity is for anyone middle school aged and up, and with a group of any size.  The point of the activity is to write a few words about what love is to them in this giant paper heart. By the end of the game you will see all these things that love is for people and they will realize that at no point is abuse or aggression is what love is.


Large piece of paper


Cut paper into a giant heart, large enough to write numerous words inside
Tape heart on the wall
Invite people one at a time to write a few words in the heart
Announce the word to the group
At the end of the activity reread all of the words up there and discuss what love is and what love isn’t.

Some follow up questions are:

i.What words show up multiple times and why are they repeated

ii.What words aren’t in the heart that you expected to be? What kind of words and actions are these?

iii.What words shouldn’t be allowed to be in the heart?

iv.Define abusive and neglectful behaviors. Are there any words in the heart like this?

v.Define unhealthy behaviors. Are there any words in the heart like this?

This is a great activity that doesn’t need a lot of space that can be set up quickly and easily that is great for almost any age group. This style of teaching used in this activity doesn’t negatively reinforce the bad behaviors by talking about bad things to do, instead you are positively reinforcing the good things we know are healthy and safe. This is often a much easier way to approach a difficult topic like drug abuse and the neglect and anger and frustration that most people don’t want to share about. 



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