Activity: Tornado Shaker


Family Activity

Sometimes our emotions can feel out of control, similar to a swirling tornado. Use the tornado shaker as a visual for these feelings and help children learn to practice calmness and patience as the tornado calms down.

What You'll Need:​

  • Tape
  • Clear water bottle
  • Baby oil
  • Glitter
  • Beads
  • Small rocks


  • Fill the clear bottle with water, but leave room for the other items
  • Add baby oil to the bottle to help the items float
  • Add the glitter, beads, and rocks to the bottle
  • Securely tape the cap on the bottle
  • Shake!

Shake up the tornado as a visual about how our anger can feel out of control and chaotic, but then stop, put it on the table and watch all the items float to the bottom. Let the child knew that they are practicing patience and calmness as they watch the items settle, and that is an important skill.



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