Art Activity: Safe Place

Created by Eluna

A safe place lace is extremely important, especially when it comes to children who may feel as though they have no control over their environment. A safe place can be described as anywhere your child feels comfortable. It could be the beach, their room, playing their favorite sport, or even a place they have always dreamed of visiting.

There are no limitations as to what a safe place is, as long as your child feels as though they can “go” to this place when they are feeling overwhelmed.

Encourage a mix of imaginative ideas in which makes their own personal safe place safe to them.

Materials Needed

  • Poster board, paper, anything to write/draw on.
  • Crayons, markers, colored pencils/ anything to write/ draw with.
  • Imagination


  • Sit down with your child and brain storm what they believe their safe place is. Provide paper and materials to draw/write with.
  • Coming up with your own personal safe place with your child, as well as their safe place can be encouraging.
  • Have your child create an illustration of their safe place on a piece of paper. There should be little-to-no restrictions as to what their safe place can be.
  • The illustration can include pictures, collages, and even words to describe their safe place. For example, your child may write “no yelling” as a rule that is followed in their safe place.
  • Have your child share their illustration with you, as long as they feel comfortable doing so.
  • Ask, “Why is this your safe place? What makes this place so special to you?
  • Encourage your child to hang their drawing up in their room, or somewhere they will see it frequently.
  • Explain to your child that when they feel unsafe, threatened, angry, sad, anxious, or overwhelmed, that they can go to their “Safe Place.” If their safe place is physically accessible, have them take a couple minutes there to cool off. However, if the safe place is a place in their imagination, encourage them to go to a quiet area where they can imagine them being in their safe space.



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