Mindfulness: 10 min Audio Practice

Created in Partnership With Maria Fanelli Mindfulness

Many scientific research studies in mindfulness show evidence to support significant reductions in both psychological and physical symptoms related to stress as well as an enhanced ability to be more focused, aware and attentive. 

In addition to an improved ability to stay more balanced with long and short term stressful situations, many people also report a number of positive benefits related to the quality of their lifestyle and stress coping. Much of the research shows statistically significant positive changes after participants completed only 8 weeks of daily practice while taking a mindfulness based course.  This is a 10-minute mindful awareness guided practice sample designed to help you bring your attention into the moment, align your mind with your body and to lessen some of the bodily tension related to stress.  Enjoy!

A note from Maria Fanelli about her work: 

My work is dedicated to helping others heal and awaken to the true potential that lies within each one of us. When we are able to function at optimal levels, we become healthier, our immune system strengthens, and our mind is clear and focused. Having a calm focused energy increases one’s ability to be more creative, it enhances problem solving skills and helps us respond to everyday challenges more fully and skillfully. Being in this optimal state, life can feel richer and more fulfilling and dreams and goals begin to unfold more easily and effortlessly.

Much of my current work in mind-body health has evolved after decades of immersing myself in a quest to understand how to optimize our health and how to increase awareness in our self and in our life. I started as a young adult where I spent years as a certified fitness instructor helping and encouraging people to transform their bodies and achieve optimal fitness. I completed demanding undergraduate and graduate degrees in business and had a successful career in healthcare before I changed my professional direction to mind-body health and healing. Throughout my life I learned the difficulties one has to sometimes endure to overcome immense challenges or to attain personal and professional growth, and our capacity for prevailing. I fully understand the pressures one deals with in the workplace and the stress in both work and life that sometimes seems endless. I also appreciate the courage it takes to change courses and follow dreams.

Through all of my life experiences what I learned the most is that we are all magnificent beings way beyond what we can ever imagine and we truly have unlimited potential. Each one of us can develop this within ourselves. It is already there.



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