Nowhere Hair

Author Sue Glader

The girl in Nowhere Hair knows her mother's hair is missing.

​In trying to find it, the story reveals that her mother, although going through cancer treatment, is still silly, attentive, fashionable, happy, and yes, sometimes very tired and cranky.

​​Nowhere Hair is the book you need to explain cancer to kids. It does the heavy lifting, without being heavy. It addresses a child's guilt, fear, sadness and anxiety with a light touch.

​In the end, it reminds us of two things:

​1. Be kind to those who might look a little different from us, and

2. Always remember that what resides inside is far more important than how we look on the outside.

​May Nowhere Hair be a conversation starter for you.

Illustrated by, Edith Buenen.  More about this book and Sue Glader the Author



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