Six Parenting Practices - Help Reduce the Chances Your Child Will Develop a Drug or Alcohol Problem


Parents often think that friends are more important to their teenager than they are.

But studies and clinical experience suggest that parents can influence their teens. 

Partnersip for Drug Free Kids has developed a 12-page guide complete with Risk Factors, Do's and Don'ts, and Conversation Tips. 

Here are the 6 research-supported parenting practices to set you on the right path:

  • Build a Warm & Supportive Relationship with Your Child
  • Be a Good Role Model When It Comes To Drinking, Taking Medicine & Handling Stress
  • Know Your Child’s Risk Level
  • Know Your Child’s Friends
  • Monitor, Supervise & Set Boundaries
  • Have Ongoing Conversations & Provide Information About Drugs & Alcohol 

To learn more, download the 12 page booklet.  There are no guarantees — even the smartest, best-skilled, most caring parents in the world have problems with their children. Information alone is unlikely to solve complicated problems and nothing takes the place of a good clinical opinion for serious issues. But getting reliable information is an important first step. Despite how powerless you may feel, we want to encourage you: Don’t give up on your teenager or your power as a parent.



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