Talking with your Teen about Marijuana

Author Lisa Damour, Psychologist

In her New York Times article, Lisa Damour talks plainly about the fact that most adolescents are skeptical about adults approach to these tough conversations, given that teens are witness to the wide-spread use of the drug with little to no consequence.  The conversation is important one, and Lisa makes some great points about how to address the legalization issue while keeping an eye on maintaining a close relationship with your teen. 

"In talking with teenagers about emerging neurological findings, adults might say: "Whatever happens with the laws, I hope you'll keep you eye on the science.  You only get one brain for your whole life.  I'm rooting for you to take great care of it." Some parents underscore their safety-first approach by promising to spring their teenager, consequence-free, from bad situations involving drinking, drugs or any other dangers the parents may have asked their adolescent to avoid".

The article is a great read for anyone with a teen in their life. 



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