Teen Grief Handbook


Hospice of Santa Cruz, our Camp Erin Partner in Santa Cruz, has created this helpful 16 page booklet for grieving teens.  The booklet starts by defining grief and explores many of the feelings that teens will experience.  It explores some of the thoughts that they might be having and ends with constructive and creative ways to heal.

From the booklet:

"Healing takes time and energy. There is no time line. Everyone is different. For some people it may be days or weeks, while for others it takes months or years. But slowly all the feelings that you have been experiencing begin to feel less heavy. First hours, then days will go by where you may not think about the person who has died. There will still be things that remind you of the person – a song, a favorite place you used to go together, a particular food, a time of day, a smell… and when that happens, any of the feelings of grief may come back. But with time and attention they will be less painful."

Please share this with your grieving teen.



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