Activity: Inside Out - Getting to Know my Emotions

Author Eluna

Using the movie “Inside Out” as a guide, encourage your child to discuss the five emotions shown throughout the movie.

This activity can be beneficial to you and your child by creating a fun, safe environment for your child to discuss emotions that may be hard to process. This activity, along with the movie, allows your child to take the time to learn about how it is normal to feel all different types of emotions, even if they are not so pleasant.

Emotions can be experienced separately or, as the movie shows, more than one emotion can be present at the same time. This can be confusing for children.  Sometimes a happy memory can trigger missing someone.  This movie does a good job illustrating how all of our emotions work together to build the memories that are important to us. Identifying, expressing, and managing emotions are all strategies learned in the process of doing this fun activity!

Working together with your child to explore feelings encourages positive emotional management. It also creates an environment where your child feels safe and comfortable to discuss emotions that may be difficult for them to express.

  • Step 1: Watch the animated movie “Inside Out.” This movie can be found on Netflix or Amazon
  • Step 2: After the movie has ended, sit down with your child and have a brief discussion about the movie. This discussion may include anything your child enjoyed while watching the movie, did not enjoy, did not understand, etc.
  • Step 3: Begin identifying the emotions shown throughout the movie with your child, and begin discussing with your child how they personally experience/have experienced these emotions before.
  • Step 4: Use the worksheet above as a template for this discussion. Any words can be used to describe how each emotion makes them feel. More feelings, colors, seasons, etc. There are no limitations

Example: “Sadness feels blue. Sadness sounds like crying, a memory when I felt sad was when it rained on my birthday.”



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